Dynametrix - A Measure Of Force (1994) 320 CD

Posted by admin on Monday, October 10, 2011

I love this fucking album, one of the best British rap albums ever made if you ask me. Released on Kold Sweat in 1994, Dynametrix are rappers, Master Best: The Phantom and 0026, and producer/ sometime rapper Ace Shazamme. I uploaded this once before but I actually managed to cop the CD last week so I ripped it in a 320.

Whats the style you may ask?
Production wise its solid, nice samples, raw drums, not too jazzy for the time period which is a relief for me as I never got into the Jazz rap thing. What makes this stand out for me is the lyrics from The Phantom, this cat is off the wall with his rhymes, I will leave you with this verse from "The Equator" for you to ponder, absolute genius if you ask me:

"One plus one equals three

It's hard to understand me when I equate my poetry
A mirror effect, cos the rhyme will reflect
A different part of me - a side you don't wanna see
but I've lived your life, died as you, came back as me
So I know the geography of your destiny, the density, the degree
Of life around your body, the vibration, I know the frequency
So when the ground shakes heat, I make it firm
I know how to teach and in turn I know how to learn
I look at the world I see politics, break it down
Religion as well, is there a heaven or a hell?
A Devil and a God, good and evil
Are these the last days, are we the last people?
You should have been born with no ears and no eyes
Cos you don't wanna hear, you can't shed a tear
That's why I still remain in the brain so do your research
You'll find out from a flow called silver birch
I can be hot like summer or cold like winter
...I'm the Equator"

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