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Leviathan is a one man project of Jeff Whitehead also known as Wrest, who hails from California. Combining traditional elements of black metal along with DSBM, this band can have you headbanging to some of the gloomiest sounds around. There is a happy medium in terms of production, so even the more discerning listener may appreciate this blackened mix. Wrest is traditionally a drummer, but tat doesn't mean that the atmospheric section, or the other instruments suffer at his specialization. In fact, that means that there are no PROGRAMMED DRUMS! Currently Wrest is in prison for alleged sexual assault putting Twilight, Lurker of Chalice and Leviathan projects on hold. EDIT: bailed out. Just the first two releases, I lost the second two last year :(

The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide

Tentacles of Whorror

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