1990 UK 12inches

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've uploaded some of my UK 12inches that I have from 1990-1997 and will be sharing them on here over the next few days. If anyone sees their 12inch on here and wants it removing them please message me via the email provided in my blog profile. 3 - coming through clear.rar tame & doc savage.rar Lyrics - Shotgun Wedding.rar Posse - Live Like The Other Half Do.rar Posse - Tell Me Something.rar Love - monie in the middle-CDM.rar Love - It's A Shame.rar Love - It's A Shame-CD.rar Love - Monie In The Middle-CD.rar Luv & DJ Rob - Silk Smooth.rar Wac - Murder 1.rar ethnicz - Any R'ddim.rar ethnicz - Harmony hall.rar Duke & Dj Leader one - I'm riffin-Rmx.rar duke - sweet power-Advanced copy.rar mell'o' - open up your mind-Rmx.rar Buzz B - The Last Tree.rar Wildski - wonderful world.rar posse - outlaws in effect.rar Posse - Stop The Negativity.rar posse - ii dam funky.rar X - You Outta Get Rushed.rar X - Powerhouse.rar E Unknown - JC 001 & D-Zire - Alone.rar Rap Assassins - And It Wasn't A Dream.rar Boy Business - I Play For Keeps.rar Boy Business - chasing competition.rar jusdis - just wanna make it ruff.rar ninja - this mic`s for hire.rar ninja - war bytes-EP.rar inc - in the mix.rar Rich - geeks revenge.rar 2 - we go subsonic.rar Troopers - Knowledge.rar & K.O. Posse - Feel No Pain.rar MC's - Elevate my mind.rar MC's - what is soul.rar of nubia - pump your fist.rar Rockers - On Stage -1197-1-JD.rar Rockers - Give It A Rest-Why Mix.rar Rockers - Do Dat Dance-US.rar Rockers - Do Dat Dance.rar Rockers - hands across the ocean.rar Bullet - Bring Forth The Guillotine-NC-Rmx.rar Dynamic Guvnors - I Cant Live Without You.rar Dynamic Guvnors -Rock The Discotheques.rar powerlords - the posse's ready.rar Royal Family - Freddy's Back.rar Criminal minds - guilty as charged ltd.ed.rar Blapps Posse - Dont Hold Back.rar Blapps Posse - Don't Hold Back-Rmx.rar

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