Ram-Zet Discography

Posted by admin on Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm recommending everyone to atleast check these guys myspace. Im really enjoying their stuff.

Ram-Zet's music is very diverse ranging from black metal to thrash metal. It has industrial sounds, progressive structures, and traditional instruments forming a style which some people, including band mastermind Zet, have called "schizo-metal". Their music contains lots of rare time signatures, unconventional harmonies, and unusual violin parts. They can be regarded as an avant-garde metal band, because of the wide range of genres influencing them. Ram-Zet's lyrics are strongly linked to a schizophrenia theme. The lyrics of Pure Therapy, Escape, and Intra all revolve around this mental disorder. Forming a story which runs through all three albums, they feature two main characters: a schizophrenic patient in a dubious mental institution (sung by Zet), and a nurse trying to help him evade (sung by Sfinx).

Pure Therapy (2000)

Escape (2002)

Intra (2005)

Neutralized (2009)

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