The Lamp of Thoth

Posted by admin on Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Lamp of Thoth were an infamous esoteric coven who operated out of Keighley back in the Victorian age.( See Marie Campbell's great books 'Curious Tales of Old West Yorkshire' and 'The Strange World of the Brontes'). Our mission as a band is to capture that black magical atmosphere whilst mingling it with a Victorian Christian sensibility, to produce a front of oppressive Christian virtues which can barely conceal the raging lusts which boil beneath. We want to repress, enslave and then devour (in stereo, where ever possible) in the spirit of the Old Ones which the Victorian age eventually produced through their sceintific atheism. We want to doom the doomiest doom that doom can doom!

I Love the Lamp (2006)

Cauldron of Witchery (2007)

Portents, Omens and Doom (2008)

They have a couple other releases which if any of you guys have i would love to get my hands on.

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